Protecting and preserving flavour and nutrition

Food & Beverages

Mat och dryck

Mat och dryck

In 2014, Food & Beverages accounted for 59% of BillerudKorsnäs’ sales, and is the biggest segment. The key customer groups are packaging manufacturers, brand owners and major retail and consumer chains with their own private label products.

• Liquid packaging
• Bread, sugar and flour bags
• Cups
• Trays
• Corrugated boxes for fruit and vegetables
• Take-away food and fresh food packaging


Food packaging has to be pure and safe, and protect and preserve the content, without the appearance, taste, smell or nutritional content deteriorating. Retail requires packaging that can tolerate longer periods in transit and contribute to a good working environment and viable logistics, as well as reducing losses and waste of resources along the whole chain.

Higher employment, more single-person households and a desire for greater convenience are driving demand for time-saving products and packaging. The range of convenience food, take-away food and portion packaging to consume on-the-go is growing for food and beverages.

More and more retail and supermarket chains are investing heavily in their own private label products, with a particular focus on design and packaging. In Western Europe, private label products account for 36% of overall sales in retail. The proportion varies greatly, however, between different countries and product groups.

Last updated: 2015-03-31