Maximum purity and safety

Medical & Hygiene


In 2014, Medical & Hygiene accounted for around 6% of BillerudKorsnäs’ sales. End-customers include the medical technology industry and packaging manufacturers.

• Medical packaging
• Release liner for self-adhesive hygiene products
• Paper for various sterilisation and packaging methods


Increasing prosperity, a growing interest in health and wellbeing and rising numbers of older people are driving demand for hygiene products and pharmaceuticals. The number of older people is growing, not only in the Western world, but also in China, for example, where the number of people over 65 is expected to rise to 171 million by 2020 and 400 million by 2050. Incorrect dosage is a major health issue that new, smart packaging can prevent. A growing problem is counterfeit pharmaceuticals, an area that is growing exponentially and that poses major health risks. The EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive includes several requirements concerning the design and labelling of the packaging in particular.

Healthcare is a highly specialised segment governed by extensive regulation that demands safe, pure and reliable packaging. The sealing and opening properties are vital in keeping the contents sterile, and it also has to be immediately obvious when the packaging has been opened. There is a demand for innovative packaging solutions that can fulfil the ever tougher safety requirements.

Last updated: 2015-03-31