Our strategy going forward

BillerudKorsnäs’ strategic platform combined with strategic targets is a powerful tool for the company’s future development and success.


The platform has 4 layers each providing the answer to a different question such as: Why, What, How and Who?


Why is BillerudKorsnäs here? Our mission is to challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. It guides everything we do.


What do we want to achieve? Our concrete long-term target is profitable growth, which is essential if we are to fulfill our mission.


How will this long-term target be achieved? Profitable growth will be achieved with the help of our strategy, split into four categories:

Position – Expand geographically and in the value chain BillerudKorsnäs will expand its position geographically, in order to continue establishing a presence in growth markets, and move up the value chain, for example by developing packaging solutions directly with brand owners.

Innovation – Improve the company’s leading position The company is focusing strongly on innovation in order to sharpen its offering, increase the benefit to customers and secure its position in the market.

Sustainability – Drive sustainability throughout the value chain BillerudKorsnäs sees a strong link between profitable growth and sustainable business. The ambition is that the whole value chain will be run sustainably in order to increase customer value, reduce negative impacts and maximise our positive contribution to a sustainable future.

Efficiency – Improve continuously Strategic investments and continuous improvements in structure and efficiency deliver manufacturing with world-class process efficiency.


Who will drive the processes forward? The employees will drive the work on managing change. Engaging the workforce and getting everyone on board requires a clear set of values, communicative leadership and an attractive workplace.


Last updated: 2015-01-27