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BillerudKorsnäs’ innovative solutions sharpen our offering, increase customer benefit, reduce environmental impact and are a strategic success factor. We find new materials, solutions and business models, often in close collaboration with customers and partners. Innovation is a natural part of the company’s corporate culture and way of working. Since 2013, the number of employees in research and development has doubled, the number of projects has increased fivefold and 180% more money has been invested.

The basis of our innovation work is the ongoing research and development work that is conducted within the company. Our business teams, with their expertise in products, markets and research and development, work across organisational boundaries. The teams are connected to the three business areas and are responsible for drawing up plans for new product launches within three to five years. The business areas’ proximity to the market makes it possible to identify concrete wishes and views that create new and improved products.

BillerudKorsnäs is systematically building up increasing capacity for its innovation work. Autumn 2014 saw the launch of the Innovation agenda, which accelerated the pace of new initiatives. The purpose is to raise awareness within the company and at the same time channel resources towards three key areas:

• GREEN MATERIAL TECHNOLOGIES We develop our packaging materials in order to build on our leading market position and contribute even more to sustainability, by making the materials lighter, stronger and stiffer, and improving barrier properties and printability.

• SERVICES AND LOGISTICS We develop new solutions and innovative offerings in order, for example, to further strengthen the service function and improve delivery precision.

• NEW BUSINESS MODELS We strive to develop services and increase the offering further up the value chain, which may be targeted at brand owners or companies that are customers of our customers. A prime example is collaboration on complete systems for the manufacture of packaging based on Billerud- Korsnäs FibreForm®.

Topping off BillerudKorsnäs’ innovation work, we have chosen to identify a number of truly challenging projects. This may involve developing brand new materials or applications for paper. One example is the Paper Bottle for beverages that have never before been packaged in paper. Another is interactive packaging. In these projects, we challenge ourselves to raise our innovation work to new levels. We will gradually identify and take on projects with the potential for learning and opportunities, over the long term, to generate new revenue streams for us and our customers.

Last updated: 2014-12-16