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Welcome to the trainees blog!

Are you curious about what being a trainee at BillerudKorsnäs involves? Here, you will get the chance to follow the exciting journey of our trainees through BillerudKorsnäs’s one-year trainee programme.

Alla tranieer

In all, 15 trainees started the program in September 2016 and together they will continually update this blog. In the time line you can also read blog post from previous trainee group from 2014-2015. By reading the blog, you will get a wide perspective on the program and on BillerudKorsnäs as a company since our trainees are geographical placed at various locations within our business, hold different positions in BillerudKorsnäs and comes from different educational backgrounds. The trainees will be blogging about how it is to be a trainee at BillerudKorsnäs, what they do and experiences during the 12 months program and about their day-to-day work. The blog posts will be written in English only. If you have any questions or comments for our trainees, you are most welcome to use the “Ask the trainee” function linked to each post. The trainees will then get an email and get back to you with a reply as soon as possible.

The idea behind the trainee blog is that you, the reader, will gain a better understanding of what it’s like to work at BillerudKorsnäs and hopefully get a clearer picture of us as an employer. At the same time, it will no doubt be interesting for BillerudKorsnäs employees to follow their colleagues’ progress within the trainee program via this blog.

So, please follow us if you want to find out more about what it’s like being a trainee and working for BillerudKorsnäs!

  1. Consumer board at Gävle, Frövi and Rockhammar – Erika, development engineer


    Now it is time for me, Erika, to give a short summarize of the theme week Consumer board, which included a visit at Gävle, Frövi and Rockhammar mill, but also a visit to our customer Tetra Pak.

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  2. A day with Britta, Business Development Cartonboard


    What do you actually do at Business Development? This is a question I have been asked many times since I started this job. Today I think I have the answer. 

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  3. Fourth training module at Skogshem and Wijk, Gustaf maintenance engineer


    The fourth and last module took place during 14th and 15th March and the theme for these two days was innovation and personal leadership. We started off with presenting the homework we were given at the previous training session; to come up with a local innovation concept. Our seven local innovation teams each presented their own innovative concept. Many interesting concepts were presented including ideas regarding e-commerce, logistics, products and new work platforms. 

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  4. Working at my home department – Andreas, Maintenance engineer


    My role at Skärblacka paper mill is as maintenance engineer working towards the paper machines. Maintenance at Skärblacka is divided in four parts; central, electrical & automation, sulfate service and finally my position at paper service. 

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  5. Packaging Paper at Skärblacka Mill – Linnea, Process Engineer


    My name is Linnea and I work as a process engineer at Gruvön. I will write about our second mill visit, which this time was at Skärblacka Mill. The theme for the week was our business segment Packaging Paper, and we met a lot of interesting people that worked in this area. They told us all about the products we make and how we plan to develop the products in the future. The week ended with a visit at one of our customers in Stockholm that produces carrier bags.

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  6. Welcome to Solna, my home department – Emma, Business development, packaging paper.


    What do you work with?

    I work with Business Development in Solna for the business area Packaging Paper. What business development is can vary a lot but in general we work with new markets and are trying to understand it and support the company in different ways.

    So during the autumn I for example have been working with a market analysis for one of our new products.

    From our last carrier bag meeting, challenge conventional for a sustainable future are with us in all projects!

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  7. Third education module at Skogshem and Wijk – Eric, Maintenance Engineer


    As a part of the trainee programme we have four training module sessions together with the Swedish Management Group. My name is Eric and I have the honour to write about the third one.

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  8. Working shift in production – Lina, Business Development


    LinaIn December, as a part of the trainee program, all trainees got the chance to work in production for three weeks. Normally I am based in Solna but during the shift period I was based at Gruvön. If I would describe my weeks at Gruvön with one word it would be WOW! I’m so grateful that I got the chance to see how it is to work in production and at the same time gain a greater understanding of the whole process. 

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  9. Welcome to the Gävle Mill – Roa, Reliability Engineer


    I’m currently working as a Reliability Engineer at our mill in the home-town of the famous Gävle Goat (a.k.a Gävlebocken) and as the name indicates the mill is located in Gävle. We are the home for every fifth aseptic liquid pack in world (which is around 200 million packs per day) and we also produce white top liner. 

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  10. Second educational module and visit to the head office – Sofia, Development Engineer, R&D


    The time has come for me, Sofia, to write the following blog post! Usually I work at the Research and Development Department at Skärblacka Mill but this post will be about our three days in Stockholm. We started off with two days on Lidingö with Training Module 2. 

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  11. Welcome to Frövi – A “regular” day through my eyes– Edin, Improvement Coordinator, BKOM


    I’m located in Frövi, Örebro.  At this mill we produce primarily cartonboard and liquid packaging board. Selling world-class material requires world-class manufacturing (WCM). In order to achieve world-class manufacturing, the mill introduced WCM in 2010. BKOM – “BillerudKorsnäs Operativa Management” is our adaptation of WCM. BKOM aims to enhance methods and train staff to become a world-class company. 

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  12. Corrugated Solutions – Jon, Finance trainee


    Once again it was time for another week with the trainees, where the main focus was targeted toward the business area Corrugated Solutions. I will try to summon the intense week that combined theory and practical work. During the week we learned how important it is to produce quality products with low weight. With our quality we can lower the transport cost for our purchasers but also reduce food waste due to the lack of quality other companies offer. I’m so amazed to see how we work to be a world leading supplier of packaging material. To bring off the requirement, the material needs to be strong and manage different types of climate, where humidity is one of the hardest to handle. In the picture you see when we got the chance to test how humidity affects a product’s resistance to pressure. 

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  13. Working at my home department – Simon, Process engineer


    SimonWhen writing this, I have been a trainee for 7 weeks. In the beginning it was a lot of practical stuff to handle, such as computer, phone, an office etc. Now it feels that I am starting to learn routines and my colleagues a little bit and I want to tell about how it is to work at my home department.My placement is at the mill in Karlsborg which is BillerudKorsnäs most northern production unit. This mill produces bleached pulp and white sack paper which is included in the Packaging paper area.

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  14. First week with the Trainee family - Maria, Product and Business development, Consumer Board Tetra Pak


    So, I’ve got the great honor to write our first blogpost for this year’s trainee blog, and first of all I’d like to say; Welcome! For three weeks, since our kickoff, the trainee group has been positioned at each home department, and now, we were suddenly back together as a group for a whole week in Lidingö (Training Module 1) & Gimo (Forestry). The week has been educational, intense, and so much fun! 

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  15. This is how we work in Corrugated Solutions – Eva Gómez


    I work in the Gruvön mill, workplace of BillerudKorsnäs Corrugated Solutions team. As a part of the Technical Sales department we serve as technical support and assistance to customers and sales managers. We optimize and reengineer board and packaging through experimental and theoretical analysis. Since my daily work varies a lot from day to day I will better tell you how I work with projects.

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  16. An ordinary day as a trainee - Fredrik Åberg


    As I am writing this, I have worked as a trainee for more than 9 months and have already got to learn and develop so much within the company that I hardly feel like a trainee anymore. With that said, I will try distill my experiences into a short and hopefully not all too boring text.

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  17. Visiting Customer Service Center abroad – Part 2


    I (Eva) did not spend my month abroad in a sales office like the other trainees. I visited Paccess, a company that manages and deliver sustainable packaging solutions to minimize costs throughout the supply chain and secure consistency to increase brand value. We are looking for ways to collaborate more and work closer together.

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  18. Visiting Customer Service Center abroad – Part 1


    As part of the BillerudKorsnäs trainee program, all trainees are stationed at a customer service center and/or sales office abroad for one month. The reason for this is for all trainees to learn downstream part of the value chain, just as our 2 weeks working shifts at our mills was to teach us about the upstream part.

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  19. Co-workers also get the chance to develop!


    My name is Glenn Utter and I am not a trainee, I am one of the twelve co-workers that have been given the chance to join the trainee module sessions. In these sessions we all have been educated by “M-gruppen” and listened to individuals from the Senior Management Team of BillerudKorsnäs to learn more about the company as a whole. Who am I? Why did I apply for the modules? What have I learned during these sessions that I can use in my daily work? Let me give it a try to give you some answers to these questions.

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  20. An ordinary day as a trainee, Valdemar Olsson


    My first contact with the paper industry and BillerudKorsnäs was a summer job at the Skärblacka mill in 2012. Since then I have been doing different school projects, including my master thesis, at BK Skärblacka. I have also worked at the Skärblacka mill during holidays.

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