Risk management

BillerudKorsnäs is affected by the general economic climate, changes in exchange rates and other factors more specific to the Company. BillerudKorsnäs actively seeks to minimise risk through preventive measures. Wherever this is not possible, risk is hedged or insured against. Many of the risks can influence BillerudKorsnäs positively or negatively.

Risk management is governed at overall level by the Board of Directors and audit committee, and at operational level by the CEO, Senior Management Team and other staff. A Group Risk Manager was appointed in 2015 with the task of coordinating, developing and leading risk-related work. Work to implement a management system for handling risk is ongoing based on the principles and guidelines in the international standard ISO 31000. Risk management pays special attention to ensure that there is a balance between control activities and the development of an effective control environment with individual accountability throughout the organisation.

For more information about risk management, please see pages 24-30 in the 2015 Annual Report.  

Last updated: 2016-04-26