Billerud cooperates with ActionAid on the "The Right to Food" project

2010-10-08 13:37

Today over a billion people go to bed hungry and one child dies every five seconds.

Billerud works daily to reduce food waste by producing strong packaging materials. The partnership with ActionAid is a further step in efforts to make the most of Earth's resources and get more people to take part of the food available on earth.

Thais Fernandes

Thais Fernandes (9) in Vila Diamante, Igarapé do Meio, Brazil.

All employees who want to help can donate 60 Swedish krona, equivalent to a lunch, through an internal program. For every lunch that is donated Billerud gives an additional contribution of 100 Swedish krona, which represents the dinner. 160 Swedish krona is sufficient to provide five families at risk, enough seeds and tools to get started with a small-scale farming, or to give five orphans porridge for school lunches for a whole year.

Two of Billerud employees will also go along with ActionAid to Nepal to build houses for the former debt slaves. Billerud finances construction of six houses for as many families, in this project.

End hunger

Photograph :Eduardo Martino, ActionAid

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