Billerud: meeting point for corrugated

2010-10-08 17:00

Better, stronger, more environmentally friendly packaging requires cooperation between the paper industry, packaging manufacturers and retailers.


This, and many other topics were discussed during a two-day convention that Billerud recently held September 22-24th in Sunne, Sweden. The event, which was called Corrugated X, gathered machine manufacturers, packaging producers, printers, designers and brand owners.

Most of the participants came from the European packaging industry, but also from Brazil.

- Of all cultivated products such as fruits and vegetables, about one tenth never reaches the consumers. The losses cost about 10 billion euros in Europe alone. Imagine all fields that must be plowed and sown, all greenhouses that require heating. All transportation made in vain. The total waste of resources is enormous, "says Jimmy Nyström business developer at the paper manufacturer Billerud.

- A large part of the losses is due to poor quality packaging that is not strong enough to withstand long and troublesome transports in humid climates, continues Jimmy Nyström.

Billerud Flute

The quality of the paper affects the packaging’s strength. With a strong paper you can reduce the weight of the packaging and yet it can be stronger.

- If everyone packs right from the beginning there are major savings to be made, says Jimmy Nyström.

More innovation

But everything is not about strength. Design and function is also a high prioritized topic for packaging developers today, as well as the raw material must come from sustainable sources.

Anders Isaksson, product manager at the packaging manufacturer Peterson Packaging, think it's good to meet and discuss packaging issues. He wishes that packaging manufacturers could participate earlier in the process when new products are developed.

- Packaging for snacks and lumps of sugar are good examples. In these cases the packaging is part of a concept that works during transportation, in stores and in the consumer’s home. But in too many areas you don’t see the big picture. The industry needs innovation, says Anders Isaksson who also see a great benefit in partnerships with customers and suppliers.

- An event like Corrugated X makes it possible to meet and share thoughts and experiences. Good ideas are born when working together.


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