Billerud packs royal wedding gift

2010-06-02 14:09

On June 3rd the region of Värmland´s wedding gift to Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria, and Mr. Daniel Westling will delivered. The gift, linen sheets and pillowcases made by Klässbols Linen Mill in Värmland, is packaged in a box specially constructed in Billerud own packaging lab, Box Lab, at the Gruvön Mill.


When Jimmy Nyström, Business Development Director at Billerud, was told that Klässbols was going to make the wedding gift från Värmland he came up with the idea that Billerud should participate: "I got the idea to help with a gift box when I heard that Klässbols would make Värmland’s gift to the bride and groom. The idea fitted perfectly with Klässbols thoughts on packaging made by sustainable, environmentally friendly and appealing material".

When Jimmy contacted Klässbols Marketing Manager and Vice President Dick Johansson, he was just in time; Klässbols had just started thinking about how to pack the gift.

After discussions about the shape of the box Jimmy took the ideas to Billerud Box Lab at Gruvön. There, Product development engineer Angelica Wikström, made prototypes, constructed of corrugated cardboard in Billerud materials (Billerud Flute 120g/m² och Pure White 2*135g/m²), based on requests for measurement and design.

The result was two boxes which were evaluated and sample packed. With a carving of the name and map of Värmland, with the ability to see the royal seal through the lid, the box was completed in Billerud Box Lab and delivered to Klässbols for finishing of the royal wedding gift.

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