Billerud on tour – the ultimate test of the real performance of a corrugated packaging

2011-05-10 18:15

During transportation packaging is exposed to a range of stresses. Large amounts of foodstuffs and other goods become spoiled every year because of substandard packaging that is unable to withstand the conditions the packaging is exposed to. Billerud works continuously to develop tests, such as CCT10, using realistic environments and durations to simulate the conditions packaging will encounter.

Billerud on tour - Packaging

This enables Billerud to help customers to improve the use of materials and package design. Now Billerud is taking a further step in packaging research by introducing a test "In real life".

A specially designed corrugated box made of Billerud's material has now been sent from the Gruvön Bruk paper mill out into the world. This contains delicate crystal glass from Orrefors and a transponder made by the Lansmont Corporation. The box will make twelve stops, in ten different countries, 'visiting' Billerud's sales offices and the offices of selected partners.

By exposing the package to real conditions Billerud wants to demonstrate that it is possible to manufacture a strong, durable packaging that protects its contents, while at the same time saving on natural resources by using the strong and light material known as Billerud Flute®.

- "This is probably the most realistic packaging test we have performed," says Jimmy Nyström, Billerud's Business Development Director, Packaging Boards.

The box journey can be followed by going to the following blog site:

This will provide continuous updates from the box destination, as well as background information, details about material selection etc.

For further information, please contact:
Jimmy Nyström, Business Development Director, Packaging Boards
jimmy.nyströ, Mobile/Cellphone: +46 70 383 2442

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