The Billerud Box kept its promise

2011-10-24 08:34

Orrefors crystal glasses kept safe around the world. 

Billerud Box Lab at Gruvön

The box was opened in Billerud Box Lab at Gruvön. The interest was great from the local media and participating employees.

On Friday the 21 of October Billeruds backpacker, the box containing crystal glasses from Orrefors, had returned to Billerud Box Lab in Gruvön and was ready to be opened. The five months long journey had made its mark on the outside of the box but it had certainly done its job - all the glass from Orrefors were intact. 

The Box Tour team
The Box Tour team was filled with eager anticipation when opening the box. From left: Helen Broms, Jens Hallendorf , Magnus Björklund, Mikael Andersson, Marianne Jonsson, Lennart Eberleh, Jimmy Nyström, Maja Midebo, Henrik Ahglren and Angelica Wikström. 

Not just a material test
In addition to beeing the ultimate test of a corrugated box in Billeruds material the trip, as intended, has had many other positive effects.

"The journey has involved Billerud employees and partners over large parts of the world and it has provided a perfect opportunity for us to get to know our sales offices and their surroundings more closely. The mission to blog about the boxes visit has been handled in a fantastic way and been a great opportunity for our sales offices to gather around a task, "says Jimmy Nyström, Business Development Director at Billerud.

"The sales office or partner who has made the most imaginative and enjoyable post to the blog will get a reward. Who the winner is will be difficult to decide our friends around the world has certainly done an excellent job." 

Smarter packaging
The conditions that the box has endured during the trip around the world will be investigated with help from the transponder from Lansmont Corporation (which also accounted for a stop on the trip) that was lent to the project.

The test is part of our work to create smarter packaging and from the journey, we look forward to draw conclusions about materials and construction, and not at least provide the basis for exciting new projects.

The box tour has been followed on our blog, read more about the "grand opening" and the adventures of the box via this link:

Below, a few photos from the tour (click to enlarge):

Robin Hood, Nottingham 

Meeting with Robin Hood at the first stop at Billerud Sales Limited in Nottingham, England

Beijing, China

Waiting for food in Beijing, China


At the beach with Billerud Gulf in Dubai.


In Barcelona with Billerud Ibérica.

Questions? Please contact: 
Lennart Eberleh, Manager Packaging Boards, Billerud, +46 555 410 37 
Jimmy Nyström, Business Development Director, Billerud, +46 70 383 24 42

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