Aesthetic solution comes out on top at PackDesign Engineer 2012

2012-11-06 16:04

At 1 pm on 23 October, at the Innovation Center during the Scanpack expo in Gothenburg, the winning entry in the PackDesign Engineer 2012 contest was announced. Apart from the honour of being “PackDesign Engineers of the Year”, the winners, Samuel Berggren and Sofie Persson from Broby Grafiska, can now look forward to a trip to Mexico.

The PackDesign Engineer 2012 contest, organised by Billerud, Santa Maria and Scanpack, began in April. Prior to the final, competitors took part in two heats in which the challenge was to design intelligent packaging solutions in fibre-based material for products in the range of the brand owner, Santa Maria. The third and final challenge, in which Samuel Berggren and Sofie Persson emerged the winners, was about creating a more functional packaging solution for Santa Maria’s Dinner Kit with the following criteria met;

  • User-friendly, simple to handle
  • Easy to display and stackable after opening
  • Good display of primary packaging
  • Product protection during transport

The jury quickly agreed that Samuel and Sofie’s solution was the most interesting.

“The design allows the packaging to take on a completely new form and makes the product appear a little more luxurious – something that arouses curiosity and makes the consumer want to take it off the shelf. The packaging is an aesthetic solution that sells,” according to the jury group.

 “The winning duo had also put a lot of thought into their solution and worked well with the CAD system, which was a big plus. Other advantages were that they did very thorough work on the logistics and how the packaging would work when being transported. The solution was also accompanied by documentation of a very high standard, which is important both in terms of a jury assessment and when selling in the idea to the industry,” the jury group continued.


The PackDesign Engineers of the Year can now look forward to a trip to Mexico!


The jury group consisted of representatives from Billerud, Broby Grafiska, Santa Maria, Nord Emballage, The Packaging Arena, Esko and Flexopartner.

2nd prize: David Aronsson and Tommy Claesson from Broby Grafiska
3rd prize: Simon Cromby from FrontPac

Last updated: 2012-11-06