Billerud saves Fanny & Alexander

2012-05-11 14:27

In 2002, The Ingmar Bergman Foundation took over Ingmar Bergman's private archives. The archive, which came in 40 moving boxes, contained everything from personal letters to the workbooks that formed the basis of all of Bergman's films and theater productions.

Most of the material is hand written, including the workbook to Fanny & Alexander.

Fanny och Alexander

If the material had been stored in removable drawers the handwritten documents were on the term to literally disappeared into thin air, since moving boxes "sucks" the ink from documents.

Salvation was a smart package from Billerud

Fanny och Alexander

Billerud has developed a special paper - Billerud Pure Archive - which is adapted to retain documents for several hundred years. The Foundation is now using this paper in their specially designed packaging for Bergman's records.

The future market for Billerud Pure Archive is great

In 2008 the magazine Archive estimated that the National Archives would need about 2.5 million boxes made ​​of materials like Billerud Pure Archive to ensure that their documents in the long run would not be destroyed. And when we speak only about the Swedish National Archives' needs ...


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