Minister for the Environment Lena Ek visits Billerud Skärblacka

2012-11-20 08:59

Lena Ek, Minister for the Environment, visits Billerud Skärblacka on Thursday November 22 to find out more about the mill's energy and environmental initiative of MSEK 900 as well as the vision for green oil production.

Photo: Martina Huber/Government Offices


The investment includes upgrading the recovery boiler and its flue gas cleaning system with the best available technology. In addition a new evaporation unit will be built to improve energy efficiency at the mill. This will lead to a substantial reduction in consumption of fossil oil and external biofuels. The goal is to strengthen the mill for the future by improving environmental performance and energy efficiency as well as enabling future expansion.

Billerud has for some years also projected the outlook for the world's largest pyrolysis facility at Skärblacka paper mill. The project is based on producing green oil from wood raw material such as branches, tops and stumps in a full-scale facility at the Skärblacka paper mill. The project intends to establish the technical and market prerequisites for lignocellulose-based pyrolysis products, biofuel, as a replacement for fossil-based oil. The green oil can then be turned into renewable energy in customers’ facilities which would be a totally new type of commercial energy carrier.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to talk to Minister for the Environment about our sustainability efforts, our modernization of the mill and about Billerud’s vision for green oil production", says Tor Lundqvist, mill manager.

The Minister will have a guided tour around the mill followed by a press conference.


Last updated: 2012-11-20