“Mash It Up” took the Delicato ball from formal coffee break to popular snack at SPICE:13

2013-12-02 15:01

The final round of the SPICE:13 ( Sustainable Packaging & Innovation Communication Event) design competition kicked off on 29 November at Bergh's School of Communication in Stockholm. The competition, which now also is an eight-week long course, is arranged by BillerudKorsnäs, NINE and Berghs,  and was held for the fourth consecutive year. This year design and project management students competed to see who could create the smartest package and the best communications solution to establish a new brand identity for the Delicato ball – Delicato’s most well-known and best-selling product.

The winning team: Pia Hansson, Pontus Unghanse, Kim Carlos Rehn, Jennie Nilsson och Sara Golpagon. 

  • "Mash it up" inspiration

  • "Mash it up" inspiration

  • "Mash it up" inspiration

  • "Mash it up" 6-pack

  • "Mash it up" single-pack

  • "Mash it up" campaign example

  • Second prize

  • Second prize single/6-pack

  • Third prize

  • Third prize single/6-pack

  • Prototypes

  • Nicole Ekström & Pål Pettersson

  • Peter Larsson & Camilla Ellqvist

  • Jon Haag

Eleven teams of students from Berghs’ “Graphic Design” and “Production/Operations Project” courses worked for eight weeks on this year’s assignment – separating the Delicato ball from the rest of the Delicato confectionery range in order to give it its own “personality.”

“This collaboration has been a fantastic opportunity for us. It’s been really exciting to watch the students as they objectively approached the task of moving the brand. They have more than lived up to expectations. We’re also extremely proud that the students perceived the Delicato ball as a fun brand to work with,” said Peter Larsson, CEO of Delicato Bakverk. 

Students were assigned the task of giving the Delicato ball a future profile as a strong, distinctive brand with clear signs of added value. More specifically, students were to develop a new and innovative design for single-packs and six-packs. The assignment also included introducing a campaign concept including advertising proposals for various media, as well as reaching the target groups of children, young people and their mothers.

“As always, the students' results have exceeded expectations. It was exciting and difficult to choose a winner who had succeeded with the task of moving the brand through both a smart packaging solution and a communications campaign. Usually, the client likes to cherry pick - but that was not possible today. One concept would be victorious and we ultimately identified the winning team, which had a good balance between packaging and the intended campaign line,” says Jon Haag, Corporate Innovation Manager at BillerudKorsnäs.


The winning team

The winning packaging and campaign idea “Mash it Up” came from Jennie Nilsson, Kim Carlos Rehn, Sara Golpagon (Graphic Design) and Pia Hansson and Pontus Unghanse (Production Management), with the explanation that "The packaging turns both the consumer and the Delicato ball into a superstar. Trendy, contemporary and with diversity.”

“The jury engaged in lively discussions on the many excellent solutions in which the students really pulled out all the stops. We thought the winning team had found an audacious and innovative solution, though it retained the Delicato feeling. This was just the springboard we needed and now we’ll take some time to strategize how we’ll move forward,” says Camilla Ellqvist, Marketing Manager at Delicato Bakverk. 

However, the winning team knows how they would like to see the future.

“The dream scenario would have been to see our solution in the stores. We really wanted to take it to the limit and we did well with that, largely because we carried out a thorough trend analysis. We’ve also dared to challenge each other's ideas within the group. Then we’ve had many good, exciting lectures on the importance of packaging on the shelf for the purchase decision. With this insight we really wanted the Delicato ball's packaging to assume the position it deserves,” says the winning team, which now has its sights set on the prize – an inspirational journey that will probably have the aesthetically appealing destination of Iceland.

“This year's competition maintained a really high standard and through SPICE we create a unique opportunity to build a close relationship between future designers and BillerudKorsnäs’ packaging materials and solutions that meet the challenge for a sustainable future. Of course there will be a SPICE:14 too,” says Jimmy Nyström, Business Development Director, BillerudKorsnäs.

The students’ packaging prototypes and presentations can now be viewed at BillerudKorsnäs headquarters, before they continue on tour to Delicato Bakverk.


• Jon Haag, Corporate Innovation Manager, BillerudKorsnäs
• Jimmy Nyström, Business Development Director, BillerudKorsnäs
• Ulrika Spåls, VP Operational Excellence, BillerudKorsnäs
• Anders Linnell, Design Director, NINE
• Peter Larsson, CEO, Delicato Bakverk
• Camilla Ellqvist, Director of Marketing, Delicato Bakverk
• Pål Pettersson, Head of Graphic Design, Berghs School of Communication
• Nicole Ekstrom, Operational Project Manager, Forsman & Bodenfors

Second prize to team 2

Andreas Sandberg and Markus Enarsson (Graphic Design) and Charlotte Ahlström, Madeleine Modig and Tim Mardell (Project Management)
”Based on a wonderful tradition from the combination of Professor Balthazar and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and with great understanding of the Delicato ball identity and the desire for a transfer. A carefully planned and powerful campaign.”

Third prize to team 6

Filip Callas and Oskar Wimmerman (Graphic Design), Denisé Thelin, Josefine Prihm and Oskar Wolontis (Project Management)
"For a job well done with a focus on raw ingredients, curiosity and smart packaging where the Delicato ball is transferred to something new, fun and playful. Falls somewhat short because of the lack of a modern and tougher touch that was an important part of the brief. Nevertheless, an added bonus for the serving tray and an otherwise well-designed package.”

Text:Camilla Telander

Last updated: 2013-12-02