“Breaking the Code” by challenging the traditional champagne packaging

2014-05-10 14:27

PIDA (Packaging Impact Design Award) is a packaging design competition that BillerudKorsnäs runs in partnerships with universities in France, Germany and Sweden. PIDA is integrated in the educational programme and gives design students an opportunity to display their work to a larger audience and demonstrate their skills to potential employers. This year´s competition is about “Breaking the code” through giving a fresh approach to a classic packaging concept: Champagne.

First to take on the challenge were the German students.

The Challenge: “Breaking the Code”
The classic champagne package is strongly associated with Luxury and tradition. The students are asked to challenge the traditional champagne packaging and create a contemporary package them to fit and reflect a young target group with different consumer habits, preferably with a futuristic touch using BillerudKorsnäs Cartonboard.

The jury
The jury of the German competition comprised industry specialists (converters, packaging designers and brand owners) the trade press and BillerudKorsnäs. Looking at the students packaging concepts, the jury´s focus is to judge on the level of innovation and shelf impact – the ability to advertise and sell the product – including the shape of the package, the graphic design, the sustainability considerations. The future designers have truly shown throughout the competition how BillerudKorsnäs material can be used to create innovative packaging solutions and challenge conventional packaging.

The PIDA Germany winners

The jury has chosen not to hand out an award for the overall winner this year but rather award three different criteria, Breaking the Code being one.


Champunker by Marcel Messner was selected by the jury as the packaging/concept which is the best challenger of the brief - “Breaking the Code”- at the same time having the Best Lever of User-friendliness. The packaging is easy to use, has nice graphical design and visuals and a clearly defined target group.


Champagne en Blanc received the award for the Best level of Innovation/Concept. The team, Julia Kugel and Lukas Rublinger had chosen the French national symbol for their project and designed their concept and packaging based on it.


The project team Michael Bauer, Florian Beck and Moritz Brodmann has designed a spectacular packaging in the shape of a vale holding a bottle of champagne in the stomach – Capt’n Ahab. For this, they received not only a lot of appreciation from the audience but also the award for Best Level of Shelf Impact.

The 2 other PIDA award ceremonies will take place in Paris, France, on the June 3rd and in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 11th.

For more information on PiDA:  www.billerudkorsnas.com/pida

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