Pida Design Awards

 PIDA (the Packaging Impact Design Award) is a prestigious design competition that is organised annually by BillerudKorsnäs. The event, arranged in close cooperation with design colleges in France, Germany and Sweden, gives students an opportunity to compete and present their ideas – based on a specific brief – on a bigger stage and to potential employers. The competition has a fresh theme every year, but the focus is always on creating a smart packaging concept starting from a sustainable design.

To many in the packaging industry, PIDA has become one of the highlights of the year. Although first and foremost a competition for design students, interest in PIDA has just grown and grown over the years. More and more design colleges are keen to take part and PIDA has been made an important element of many courses. Representatives of the packaging industry are also showing greater interest and are calling for representatives of the business sector to be given prominent roles in the competition.
In addition, the growing interest is also attracting the media, which wants to pick up on the latest trends in the packaging industry.

Sakana Box was one of the winners in the 2015 PIDA, under the theme of “Style and Smart on the Go”, in which the aim was to develop new concepts to support the strong trend for quick and convenient food and drink take-aways for on-the-move consumption.
Read more about PIDA here.

Last updated: 2015-10-15