Launch of New Billerud Flute® – the world’s strongest fluting

Stronger than ever before, New Billerud Flute® has improved strength properties that give you ample opportunity to lightweight your existing packaging solutions. You can go down one step in grammage and reduce material consumption without compromising on performance.

A fluting to count on

New Billerud Flute is a semi-chemical fluting made of 100% primary fibre from northern birch. Its improved strength properties; up to eight per cent better SCT and up to seven per cent better CCT, makes it the perfect material for packaging fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fragile heavy goods.

Improvements Advantages Benefits

SCT strength: up to 8% increase

SCT strength: up to 7% increase

Box compression

Box performance

Lightweighting potential

Cost optimisation

Speed & capacity Increased volume Availability



Innovation opportunities and benefits

In comparisons with semi-chemical flutings from other brands, you can choose a lower grammage of New Billerud Flute® for equivalent strength and get numerous improved properties into the bargain.

Replace wood packaging for cost-effective handling

New Billerud Flute in high grammages has the strength to create a corrugated solution that can replace conventional wood packaging. A corrugated solution is much lighter and reduces costs for freight, logistics and handling. The surface lends itself well to printing attractive images and the company brand.

Use as centre liner in strong wall constructions

New Billerud Flute® offers several new benefits. You can for instance streamline in stock by using New Billerud Flute also as centre liner in double or triple wall constructions. Thanks to New Billerud Flute’s much higher compression strength compared to traditional Kraftliner, you can go down in grammage by up to 30% in the centre liner layer.



SCT – Short Span Compression Test, CCT – Corrugated Crush Test

ECT – Edge Crush Test, BCT – Box Compression Test

New Billerud Flute® is produced in compliance with FDA and BfR food packaging norms.



Flute S – High quality and excellent runability

BillerudKorsnäs Flute S is a semi-chemical fluting made predominantly from northern primary birch. It is a high-quality and consistent fluting with excellent runability.

Flute Light – Low grammage semi-chemical fluting

BillerudKorsnäs Flute Light, our low grammage semi-chemical fluting, stems from 100% primary fibres. Characteristics include high and consistent quality combined with excellent runability. With its low grammage, it is particularly suitable for micro corrugated applications and is produced in compliance with FDA and BfR food packaging norms.

Last updated: 2014-12-17