The first sealed paper packaging

BillerudKorsnäs Axello Zap from Bosch

Secure clean shelfs and a lower eco footprint with the world’s first sealed paper packaging for dry food. The unique solution is the result of our knowledge in packaging engineering combined with the strong and resilient Axello® ZAP paper and a collaboration with German technology innovators Bosch.

Axello® ZAP is the only paper that can run on the new vertical fill form and seal (VFFS) machine from Bosch, which is equipped with the new ZAP Module. The result is a dust-tight, insect-proof and stiff packaging with an eco-friendly tactile experience and printability allowing for maximal brand expression.

The recyclable, renewable and biodegradable mono material packaging also gives the added benefit of lower packaging waste fees.

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PME 4001 ZAP
The PME 4001 ZAP VFFS machine from Bosch is the foundation of the unique dust-tight sealed Axello® ZAP packaging solution. It features a partial inline  application for the sealing agent, with  the innovative ZAP Module.

Last updated: 2016-06-01