Minimise waste of fresh produce

We significantly reduce waste along the distribution chain of fresh produce and contribute to increased profitability for our customers.

SoliQ™ branded packaging is proof of performance – developed and specified to cope with the toughest transportation conditions for fresh produce. The advantages of SoliQ can be seen throughout the value chain – from the packaging manufacturer, via the grower and through demanding transport chains to the consumer. 

Working for a better environment

Our vision is that unnecessary cultivation, packing and transportation will eventually be eliminated. We know that consumers value green alternatives and support sustainable development with a smaller carbon footprint.

Growers and exporters benefit from better packaging

For growers and exporters, profitability increases sharply if the whole harvest reaches its destination in perfect shape. SoliQ is a smart choice when cutting unforeseen costs at these stages of the value chain.

All the fruit should reach its destination

The importer or wholesaler to whom the goods are delivered unloads and 
loads them once again before they are transported to the store.  When the produce is of high quality, importers and wholesalers benefit from higher prices to the market.

Consumers appreciate high-quality produce

Fruit and vegetables should be fresh. An attractive vegetable display always tempts customers to buy. Unfortunately, it is often first at this stage of the value chain that hidden losses from broken boxes caused by tough transportation become visible. SoliQ preserves the fruit all the way to the consumer.

SoliQ™ for improved handling and shelf-ready display

SoliQ stays in shape throughout the trip. The optimised box can be displayed in the store directly without re-packing. In addition, a fruit protected throughout the journey arrives in better condition. SoliQ thus extends the product’s shelf life.

Last updated: 2014-12-17