Increasing productivity

BillerudKorsnäs is the world-leader in sack solutions for building material, industrial minerals, chemicals and other powder products. We help producers significantly increase productivity at every stage of the value chain.

At BillerudKorsnäs, we work in close collaboration with our customers to find specific improvements in the value chain – from the choice of paper, to filled sacks and how the end-user then utilises them.

Our sack solutions can reduce paper consumption by up to 30% and can increase filling productivity by up to 25%. At the heart of Sack Solutions is the world-leading BillerudKorsnäs QuickFill® range combining high strength with high porosity.

Benefits in every step of the value chain

A sack must be completely tailored to individual customer needs. It must be strong, hold its shape and use as little paper as possible. The result leads to less cost and less waste. But how do we do it? Read on to find out:


Fast-speed sack production ensures that our materials are compatible with today’s high-speed converting machines, maintaining production rates. We use less paper and subsequently less glue per sack, optimising the converting process. Finally, by streamlining these processes, production becomes more energy efficient.



FillingBillerudKorsnäs QuickFill® provides high-speed filling as less pressure is built up during the filling process. This also means a dust-free working environment, better sack appearance and possibly the opportunity to reduce the sack size to make further savings.



Simplify palletising, handling and transporting with compact brick-shaped sacks. Thanks to superior deaeration, these sacks can be made smaller, tighter and more functional throughout the logistics chain from filling to the point of use. Energy savings are possible thanks to less transported packaging material.




 Make a good first impression. Clean, high-quality sealing means no dust and no perforations obscuring logos and branding.  And the sacks always remain intact due to a tight, well stacked and durable construction

Technical Services

Technical Services

Click below to find out how BillerudKorsnäs technical services can improve sack design and performance.  

 Dust Exposure Analysis

When processing and handling powdered goods, dusting is a problem area that must be considered. Packaging solutions/features contributing to dust reductions are available and not only is workers health legislation becoming more stringent, but dusting is also product being lost and hence an economic driving force to minimize dusting exists. The service addresses how your packaging performs in terms of product containment during filling and/or handling and the result is a recommendation how the packaging can be improved.

Technical Services - Dust Exposure Analysis

Dust Exposure Analysis

Sack design

Sack optimisation through the analysis of structural design and the choice of paper used, can significantly improve sack performance:

Technical Services - Sack Design

Strength performance

Our service includes a variety of tests to determine the right strength of your sack solution, obtain information on possible weak spots in your sack design and how we can optimise the strength of the sack design.

 Technical Services - Strength performance

Printing and surface evaluation

Our consultancy service includes print quality measurements as well as surface characterisation testing, technical analysis of print performance and suggestions for improvements (included in an analysis report).

Technical Services - Surface and printing performance

Printing & Surface Evaluation

Deaeration performance

Here we use high-tech equipment to run permeability tests to assess filling performance. We accurately test paper, combinations of paper, free film and ready-made sacks.

Technical Services - Deaeration performance

Deaeration performance

Moisture barrier performance

This ensures that your sack solution has the optimal water vapour barrier so that the intended shelf life of your product can be reached while still maintaining superior deaeration performance.

Technical Services - Moisture Barrier Performance

Moisture barrier performance

Filling performance

Your sack solution must perform well in terms of filling speed, pressure and prevention from product leakage during filling. We can compare the filling performance of different sack designs and test the sack designs before a new sack design is launched on the market to ensure you get the best results.

Technical Services - Filling Performance

Thermography analysis

The Thermography Analysis Service enables an in-depth insight into the packaging performance of smarter packaging solutions. It gives a better understanding of your sacks performance along with potential improvements using thermographic analysis. This advanced technique detects and converts infrared rediation of objects into visual images showing internal friction in drop tests and material stress. It allows non-contact testing to detect weak spots and show improvement areas.

Technical Services - Thermography Analysis

Thermography analysis

Sack Solution Concepts

Thanks to extensive research, we have developed a very special sack paper concept –BillerudKorsnäs QuickFill® – blending strength and porosity to perfection. Our QuickFill grades qualify as some of the strongest sack kraft papers in the market We offer a range of sack solutions meeting brand owners´ demands for high productivity. This is combined with a long shelf life, attractive design and/or biodegradability through the use of bioplastic (available in specific models) in combination with paper. Read more about our sack concepts below:

Billerudkorsnäs QuickFill® FlowTex

  • Two layers of BillerudKorsnäs QuickFill® papers
  • Patented sack solution with special free film design for high-speed filling

Billerudkorsnäs QuickFill® SingleTex

  • Cost-effective packaging solution with free film
  • Single-ply design in white and brown

 BillerudKorsnäs QuickFill® BioTex

  • The natural, biodegradable, sack solution
  • Very low carbon footprint
  • Provides filling efficiency and good product protection against moisture
  • Deaeration through a channel system in the top of the sack

BillerudKorsnäs QuickFill® PrinTex

  • Sack design for customers requiring outstanding printability
  • Unperforated PE between the plies
  • Deaeration through a channel system in the top of the sack

BillerudKorsnäs QuickFill® UltraTex

  • Durable sack design with extremely good moisture protection
  • Unperforated HDPE free film between the plies
  • Deaeration through a channel system in the top of the sack
Last updated: 2014-12-17