Box Lab

How optimised is your packaging? Is it designed to withstand long periods of high or varying humidity? Can it stand the stress and strain of bumps, jolts and pressure throughout the transport chain? Is it designed for flexible and rational handling? Take a tour of our Box Lab to find out exactly how we optimise your packaging in the lab:

CCT10 – The method of revealing true performance in the Lab


Boxes and paper are often carefully specified in accordance with rigorous quality requirements. Despite this, many boxes do not satisfy the most basic requirement in demanding conditions – protecting goods. CCT10 is a completely new method for measuring long-term performance.
Using the CCT10 testing technique, real performance is revealed by simulating the stress and strain paper is subjected to in real transport chains. 

  • Load CCT10 subjects the paper to an even, constant load instead of a peak load
  • Time The stress and strain does not reveal itself until the paper has been subjected to a load for a period of time. CCT10 evaluates the weight a paper can withstand over a period of ten days.
  • Climate Long transport chains are often characterised by climate variations and, at times, very high humidity. CCT10 is performed in an environment with 90% humidity, i.e. in very demanding conditions.

CCT10 reduces waste

BillerudKorsnäs´ measurement method helps both manufacturers and users of packaging. CCT10 shows that with the right choice of paper, it is possible to optimise packaging weight and still increase performance. The packaging producer can be certain to deliver strong boxes and the user can rest assured in the knowledge that the goods will safely reach their final destination in perfect condition.

Last updated: 2014-12-17