Pack Lab

BillerudKorsnäs Pack Lab is our development centre for consumer-related packaging. Here, we offer our customers the opportunity to have the performance of their packaging scientifically tested. Billerud Pack Lab at the Gruvön mill evaluates the strength of carrier bags, sugar and flour packages and develops FiberForm® packaging solutions. Using unique equipment, we examine a multitude of functions by simulating a package’s path through demanding logistic chains until it reaches the store shelf. If Pack Lab finds weaknesses in the design or choice of material, then improvements are suggested.

Drop test, compression test and carrier bag test

Pack Lab uses standardised measurement methods and performs several tests. A drop test reveals how well a package can withstand being dropped. During the compression test, it is subjected to heavy pressure to optimally simulate demanding transportation and storage. The better the package withstands a heavy load, the better it will cope with real-life conditions. We also test packaging seals for strength, durability and speed in the production process. 

Perception studies

Pack Lab also offers perception studies and analyses of the printability of paper and packaging. The laboratory offers support and knowledge transfer throughout the value chain – and it has played a crucial role in our acquisition of knowledge.

Thermoforming Services

BillerudKorsnäs uses its Multivac form, fill & seal line at the Pack Lab to offer performance trials and prototyping on an industrial production line. This offers a number of advantages to converters, brandowners and packaging producers including material validation, packaging trials and bulk sampling under industrial conditions. Online forming and sealing can be tested and the final packaging can be evaluated.

Barrier protection testing

Building materials like cement, industrial minerals and many chemical products are sensitive to moisture and water vapor in the surrounding air. To test a packaging’s protective properties, BillerudKorsnäs runs its own barrier lab. Here we evaluate the barrier properties of different material combinations, while also testing oxygen, moisture and grease barriers. The results provide key knowledge about specific barrier properties and how they impact the intended shelf life of a product, and can also be used for development projects and benchmarking studies for packaging solutions.

Consultative support from concept to reality

Are you simply looking for a more efficient and solution, or does your brand need sustainable packaging that will stand out among competitors? We can support you throughout the journey from concept to reality. And ensure that you get the right solution for your business and your brand.

1. Performance testing

Test, analyse, refine

Our performance testing laboratories are uniquely equipped to simulate a broad range of demanding scenarios, representing different stages throughout the supply chain. We want to secure that your packaging investment is a long-term solution that minimises waste and stays store ready throughout the entire journey - from initial production to the retail shelf.

2. Production support

Plug into an experienced, qualified network

Our customers can expect on call support including technical guidance on converting methods & machine adjustments, both on site and via telephone. And  gain access to a wide network of experienced, qualified converters and packaging producers who can offer further support.

3. Packaging design and prototyping   

Conceptual and technical support

Brand owners looking to develop a truly unique 3D packaging concept, or that need technical improvements and/or prototyping on an existing design, are provided full support through FibreForm®Packaging (link) or BillerudKorsnäs´ own design company Nine

4. Industrial production trials and bulk sampling

Cost-efficient trials and validations on packaging lines
We provide brand owners and packaging producers with real industrial testing of FibreForm 3D formed containers. The services which include material validation trials, packaging production trials and bulk prototyping are offered through FibreForm Packaging®

Last updated: 2014-12-17