Sack Lab

In the BillerudKorsnäs Sack Laboratory we can test and analyse your sack and suggest new improved solutions. The laboratory is equipped with new, modern equipment for the testing of paper sacks.


In the Big Gurley the air flow through a sample of the size 20x20cm is measured. It is easy to compare the deaeration of different combinations of paper, free film and to study the effect of perforation.



The sack deaeration is important for efficient filling of powdered goods in valve sacks. In the Mega-Gurley the airflow through the sack at a certain pressure drop is tested.


Drop Test

The sack strength in terms of drop height is measured according to ISO7965. Both flat drop and butt drop testing can be performed.


Sack Friction Testing

The friction angle is measured using a scaled-up version of the inclined plane method. Both sack-to-sack friction and the friction between sacks and other materials can be determined.


Pilot Filling Machine

From Haver&Boecker we have a pilot filling equipment of impeller type. The sack weight and filling pressure is measured as a function of filling time. The test is performed using cement, building material mixes or other types of fine powdered filling goods.

Through the BillerudKorsnäs Pack Lab we also have access to advanced testing equipment for analysis of print quality and barrier properties. So, whether it is a question of strength, deaeration, print quality or a barrier issue, let us share our knowledge with you.

pilot Filling Machine

Last updated: 2014-12-17